Karcher® SG1 C Bp Backpack Gum Remover

Item # 1.013-104.0

  • Powered by a single lithium ion battery, this gum remover is quiet and offers up to 8 hours of uninterrupted operation. No cords or water required.
  • Run time of 4 hours
  • No harsh residue, safe on all surfaces
  • Safe, economical, environmentally friendly
Manufacturers Item #10131040
  • Description

Removes gum in 4-6 seconds and is safe to use on stone, concrete and even carpet. Great for maintaining shopping malls, schools, train stations, airports, hotels, hospitals, restaurants and supermarkets. Quick change brushes for ease of use and maintenance. Low pressure fuel canisters are designed to ensure delivery of proper fuel volume and safe operation. Weighs 11 lbs.