Advance Pacesetter™ Floor Machines

Advance Pacesetter™ 20HD Floor Machine - 20", 1.5HP AC

Advance Pacesetter™ Floor Machines

The Pacesetter™ 13/17/20 is a 1.0 hp, 175 rpm machine available in 13,17 and 20 inch sizes. Dual capacitors provide an extra burst of power to the machine when needed for start up or during operation, without overloading the electrical circuits in the facility. At 1.5 hp, 175 rpm, the Pacesetter™ HD is also available in 17 and 20 inch sizes. A triple-planetary gear design lasts longer than other gear drives because of they do not develop a wear pattern. A sealed gear box requires no maintenance. The Pacesetter™ 20SD™ a super duty 20 inch floor machine. For extreme duty, the 1.75 hp, 175 rpm machine also has the triple planetary gear design for longer wear. The Pacesetter™ 20TS is a two-speed floor machine with a 1.5 hp and a DC rectified motor. The two-speed machine runs at 180 and 320 rpm. Whether stripping, scrubbing, screening, or bonnet cleaning, this machine will fit your need. Heavy duty construction. All cast metal, chrome plated base. Dual start and run capacitors.

AD-01440A Advance Pacesetter™ 20TS Floor Machine - 20", 2-Speed

AD-01460A Advance Pacesetter™ 20SD Floor Machine - 20", 1.75HP AC

AD-01410A Advance Pacesetter™ 20HD Floor Machine - 20", 1.5HP AC