Windsor® Cricket™ Detail Model Automop

Windsor® Cricket™ Detail Model Automop

Item # 1.006-704.0

  • Includes base unit and detail kit. Leaves floor dry. Reduces slip-n-falls. "Ergo-mopping" reduces the swinging and wringing. Fewer injuries.
  • Width: 24"; Cleaning rate: 15,840 ft2/hr
  • Recovery system: Human operated mechanical pump
  • Recovery/Solution: 3 Gal./2.5 Gal.; Wringer Capac: 12 oz.
Manufacturers Item #10067040

Clean with clean water vs spreading dirty water. Quiet <52 dBA for daytime cleaning. 5 times the cleaning rate of a mop in open areas. Actually recovers the solution it uses leaving the floor dry, greatly reducing the potential for slip-and-fall accidents.


  • Add on tools provide ability to clean in small/tight areas.
  • Simple to operate and push.
  • Maintenance free: no batteries, no cords, always available.
  • Footprint similar to a mop and bucket.
  • Disposable debris strip. Flip-up squeegee. Fold over handle.
  • Detail kit includes: 2 hooks, mop tray, wringer, clean water bucket bracket, and clean water bucket.