Notrax® Modular Lok-Tyle - Black

Notrax® Modular Lok-Tyle - Black

Item # NOTRX-523

  • Vinyl Matting - Wet Areas, Anti-Fatigue
Black, ea
Manufacturers Item #523BL

Available in various sizes.

Designed for light to medium duty workstations, each of these 3 products is perforated to allow moisture to escape the worker platform

All 3 products feature a tough PVC vinyl compound to withhold harsh industrial chemicals

  • Flexible vinyl tiles easily snap together for on-site custom configurations
  • A full 9/16 inch thick, the bottom surface features a network of pillars to elevate the mat and facilitate the flow of liquids away from the mat
  • The matting configuration is completed by adding snap-together beveled ramps and corners

Recommended Uses

  • Light Duty - Wet areas
  • Shipping Department
  • Locker Rooms
  • Shower Areas

Stock Sizes

  • Tiles 12' x 12"
  • Ramps 2" x 12"
  • Corners: 2" x 2"
  • Note: Tiles, Ramps and Corners available in all colors

Colors Available: Black, Blue, Brown, Red, Green, Yellow, Yellow Ramp and Corner, Black Ramp and Corner

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